Clean water: an investment in the future of Lake Victoria

Case study

In the sensitive habitats around Lake Victoria in East Africa, clean water is essential. As well being a vital resource for our business, it sustains the communities and ecosystems we share it with. So we're proud that the investments we've made in our Uganda Breweries site in Kampala mean that the water we now return to the Lake Victoria environment is of higher quality than when we extract it.

£4 million investment in Kampala site

The three-year, £4.4 million capital investment project at our brewery, which produces brands including Port Bell, Guinness, Tusker and Senator, was officially unveiled on 11 April 2017 by Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director, Ms Jennifer Musisi.

The wastewater treatment plant handles over one million litres of waste water per day. The latest technology cleans and treats the water to a potable quality. There are additional benefits, including biogas generation, equivalent to approximately 15% of the site’s energy needs, and access to organic fertiliser for the local community. The plant and adjoining laboratory are also rich sources of information for researchers, students and post-graduates in Environment and Engineering from the local university. 

Committed to clean water and responsible stewardship

As responsible stewards of water, one of our key aims is to ensure 100% of wastewater is returned to the environment safely.

This is especially important when our sites are in water-stressed areas such as Lake Victoria. In fact, water-stressed sites are a particular focus of our Water Blueprint strategy, which includes a commitment to replenish the amount of water used in our final product in water-stressed areas, as well as our global commitment to reduce water use through a 50% improvement in water efficiency. Read more about our progress on water stewardship in our Annual Report.