Cameronbridge: cleaner energy, cleaner water

Case study

Our distillery at Cameronbridge is the largest in Scotland – and with the commissioning of our new bio-energy facility, we believe it will also be one of the most environmentally sustainable in the world.

Cameronbridge distils some of the world's most famous spirits – including grain whisky for Johnnie Walker and Bell's whiskies, Smirnoff vodka, and Tanqueray and Gordon's gins – and we've also made it the flagship of our drive for greater sustainability.

cameronbridge ariel

Our £65 million investment makes Cameronbridge the first distillery in the world to combine biomass combustion, anaerobic digestion and water recovery. We expect that the bio-energy facility will generate up to 30MW of energy, meeting 95% of the site's energy needs, while new water recovery technology has the capacity to recover up to 30% of the water used in the distilling process.

As well as saving enough carbon to heat 10,000 homes, the new facility will significantly improve the quality of the water it discharges, measured in biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). We estimate that this plant will reduce Diageo's total volume of waste water discharged (as measured by BOD) by 55%.

David Cameron getting tour

In June 2013 we were delighted to host David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who visited Cameronbridge distillery to mark the completion of the bio-energy plant and expansion programme.

For information on how we are working towards our water targets, please visit our Sustainability & Responsibility Report.