A little help from friendly bacteria brings carbon savings

Case study

Sometimes a challenge can become an opportunity. That's certainly the case at our Mey Ïçki distilleries at Neveshir and Aleshir in Turkey, where we've turned the leftover organic waste from our operations into a source of energy – with a little help from some useful bacteria.

Our Mey Ïçki raki brands are among the most popular in the world, but producing them leaves us with a variety of organic waste from our natural ingredients. After investing in our waste water treatment plants, and in an anaerobic environment, bacteria break down the waste and generate biogas which is then collected, scrubbed and reused as energy at our sites.

This renewable energy investment started commissioning in the final quarter of 2015, and the initial results are encouraging: we expect to reduce Mey Ïçki's carbon footprint by a further 20% through this initiative compared to 2014, contributing to an overall reduction of 70% since 2007. The renewable energy we produce will also contribute to cost savings.

Mey Biogas plant