Diageo Mexico

Diageo is the leading premium spirits company in Mexico and employs around 1,300 people who work in the local sites and offices.

Investment and growth

Since acquiring Tequila Don Julio in 2015 we have been developing the brand globally as well as building new facilities in Mexico. In total our expected investment in Mexico will reach around US$400 million over five years.

We are expanding in Mexico and building new bottling, ageing warehouse and water treatment facilities located at ‘El Charcón’ in Atotonilco, Jalisco.

This expansion will benefit both our company and the local community, with up to 1,000 new jobs expected to be generated over the next five years.

The new facilities will also more than double our bottling capacity in Mexico to over 5 million cases a year, helping to create a multibrand export platform. It will feature a water treatment plant embedded into the supply chain for reusable biogas and bagasse.

In addition, we have expanded our distribution footprint through a new, world-class logistics centre in the state of Mexico. This will enable us to double capacity and manage distribution of around 11 million cases of product a year.

Our people in Mexico

Diageo Mexico employs almost 1,000 talented people across the country. We are a dynamic company where each person can develop their career – at every stage of their working life.

A great place to work

Our ambition is to become the best performing and most trusted and respected consumer products company in the region. We know that to achieve this goal we need to develop diverse talent with a range of backgrounds, skills and capabilities that can reflect our broad consumer base.

We are delighted that our efforts to create a positive and diverse working culture are regularly recognised. Diageo Mexico has been listed as a Great Place to Work® for each of the last 14 years, appearing in the top six in the past three years, including first place in 2017.

Tackling the illicit trade of alcohol

Illicit trade of alcohol seriously damages the legitimate industry, reducing its ability to grow, invest and employ. Diageo Mexico is working closely with the industry and government institutions to tackle this major issue.

According to the second edition of a syndicate study commissioned by the spirits industry, the illicit market decreased from 43% in 2013 to 36% in 2015. Although this marks progress, the illicit market still represents $19.4 billion Mexican pesos, a tax loss of $6 billion Mexican pesos in revenues for the government.

The Spirits Trade Association, which Diageo currently chairs, is strengthening efforts to curb the illicit market and has signed a Pact for Formality with seven national trade associations, endorsed at a public event hosted by the Head of the National Revenue Agency and Head of the Federal Consumer Agency. The objective of the pact is to formalise the market through a series of actions and to reduce the illicit market in line with OECD levels.

Source: Euromonitor