Diageo Mexico

Diageo is the leading premium spirits company in Mexico and employs around 1,300 people who work in the local sites and offices.

Building thriving communities

Our Learning for Life programmes support vocational and life-skills training while strengthening our value chain thorough an emphasis on hospitality, retail and entrepreneurship. Learning for Life in Mexico has two main initiatives: the Bartender Programme and the Entrepreneur Programme.

Bartender Programme

In partnership with Bécalos of Fundación Televisa and the State Technical Universities, Diageo certifies students as experts in hospitality through the Bartender Programme.

Our initiatives

  • After 120 hours of training, participants develop knowledge, skills and techniques to provide quality service within the tourism and services sector. They also receive training on topics related to management and entrepreneurship for the on trade, as well as other elements related to the hospitality industry.

Our results so far

  • Eighteen groups have graduated in Puebla and Cancun, while six groups have graduated in Riviera Maya.

Entrepreneur Programme

Our Entrepreneur Programme was developed in partnership with Fundación ProEmpleo D.F. and provides training and consulting to people who want to start their own business.

Our initiatives

  • The programme consists of 100 hours training that is taught through five theoretical-practical modules. The aim is to help participants to develop a business plan that allows them to get started, improve their business and become economically active citizens.

Our results so far

  • Research has shown that 1.8 jobs are created for every one participant, generating more than 20,000 direct and indirect jobs in total. The programme has reached more than 11,200 people to date.