Diageo Moët Hennessy (Thailand)

Diageo Moët Hennessy (Thailand), or DMHT, is a leading importer and distributor of premium wines and spirits in Thailand.

Our role in society

Playing a positive role in society is at the heart of our ambition in Thailand. Operating in a responsible and sustainable way every day, everywhere means that we can support our communities, protect and preserve natural resources and ensure alcohol plays a positive role in society.

Alcohol in society

We care passionately about reducing alcohol-related harm, through our own programmes, through partnership and collaboration with others.

Our initiatives

  • DRINKiQ is a global resource to help people make responsible choices about drinking – or not drinking. The programme is delivered through training and by providing information and practical advice online.
  • Our Drink Don’t Drive, Back Home Safely campaign aims to raise awareness about safe driving. We have launched online and offline activities at tourist attractions and in traffic-congested areas of Bangkok.
  • Our innovative Decisions 360° virtual reality offers users a unique insight into the consequences of drunk driving.

Our results so far

  • In a survey of 10,000 users, 94% said they were confident in sharing DRINKiQ tips while 91% think that educating the public through DRINKiQ will effectively reduce the harmful use of alcohol.
  • The Don’t Drink Drive, Get Home Safely campaign, has reached over 477,310 people and has achieved more than 20,000 engagements
  • 98% of participants in the campaign made the promise to never drink and drive and would also encourage their friends to join the pact.
  • 90% agreed that the campaign successfully encourages responsible drinking.

Building thriving communities

Across Africa we work on campaigns which align with our global goals, focusing on empowering women and the provision of clean and safe water.

Our initiatives

  • As part of Learning for Life, we launched a pilot project with the Office of Vocational Education Commission to provide training and improve standards through our world-class bartending programme.
  • We run a skills and empowerment programme to support vulnerable women in the hospitality industry through initiatives such as sexual harassment training.
  • Our Water of Life programme supports the Thai Red Cross by donating water purifiers and mobile water stations for use at the organisation’s Bangkok headquarters.

Our results so far

  • Learning for Life has provided face-to-face training to over 1,000 vocational students and teachers in its first year. A number of participants will be selected to attend the Diageo Bar Academy program, an advanced course designed to raise standards in the industry.
  • Our donated water stations provide over 350,000 people with access to fresh drinking water each year.
  • Every year, our employees donate blood as part of the Donate Blood, Save Lives campaign.