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Diageo Korea

Diageo Korea is the market leader in Scotch whisky and enjoys leading positions in the international premium beverage markets.

Alcohol in society

We know that for those adults who choose to drink, drinking alcohol in moderation can be part of a balanced lifestyle. We are proud of our commitment to encourage people to enjoy alcohol safely and to tackle irresponsible and underage drinking.

Our initiatives

  • Launched in 2009, the Cool Drinker campaign led by Diageo Korea encourages a safe drinking culture among university students.
  • DrinkiQ, our flagship responsible drinking program, helps consumers to be informed and make better choices when consuming alcohol.
  • Our industry collaborations with the Responsible Drinking Alliance and the Korea Alcohol and Liquor Industry Association reinforce our commitment to creating a responsible drinking culture.

Our results so far

  • Cool Drinker has reached more than 280,000 students from 180 universities in Korea since 2009.
  • In November 2016 Cool Drinker received the grand prize for corporate social responsibility at the 2016 Global Standard Management Awards.
  • DRINKiQ has reached over 26,000 people since 2009. This year our DRINKiQ facilitators visited 17 campuses, delivered 27 training sessions and promoted responsible drinking to 12,000 people.