Guinness Cameroon

Guinness Cameroon is the world’s fifth largest Guinness market by volume and the second largest in Africa.

Guinness Cameroon


Founded in 1967, we're one of the region's best performing consumer goods companies. We employ more than 440 people, with each one bringing talent and drive to their roles.

With innovation at our core, we are constantly looking for ways to create new experiences for the millions of Cameroonians who enjoy our brands each year. For example, we’ve introduced new blends such as Guinness Chocolate Stout – Special edition and Guinness Triple Black.

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At the same time, we work to ensure alcohol can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle. Every year, we invest around 135 million XAF to tackle issues such as underage drinking and drink driving and to promote responsible drinking across the country.

We are also proud of our work to help local communities to thrive. We are passionate about making a difference through programmes such as Water of Life and reducing our environmental impact by making our products and business operations more sustainable.

Our brands

Guinness is the strongest beer brand in Cameroon, loved by consumers for its quality and distinctive flavour. We were the first market to launch Guinness Triple Black, as well as the first Diageo market to bottle a Scotch Whisky (Black & White) out of Scotland.

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Guiness Fes


Cameroon’s no. 1 stout
Harp 600Ml Bottle


Cameroon’s best-selling lager
Malta Guinness

Malta Guinness

Cameroon’s no. 1 non-alcoholic malt drin

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