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Diageo Africa

Diageo Africa has the scale, depth, infrastructure and brands to take advantage of the many opportunities the continent has to offer.

Sustainable development

We always seek to empower the communities we work in and to support the wider development and progress of the countries in which our brands are sold. While our programmes are driven by local priorities, the themes we focus on are sustainable agriculture, creating employment, providing skills and access to clean water.

Sustainable agriculture

A robust, resilient and thriving agriculture is fundamental for Africa, enhancing productivity and building sustainable supply chains.

Our initiatives

  • Sourcing 4 Growth works with smallholder farmers in Ethiopia to help increase productivity and has pioneered the use of sorghum in brewing a unique beer in northern Ethiopia.
  • In Kenya we partner with the Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme to provide local sorghum and millet farmers with access to direct markets for their cereal produce.
  • Our breweries in Ghana have a range of measures to reduce their environmental impact from recovering carbon dioxide and reducing water and energy usage to achieving zero waste to landfill.

Our results so far

  • In Ethiopia the number of farmers we work with has increased from 800 to well over 6,000. We estimate this will rise to 20,000 as we continue to source more and more grain locally.
  • In Kenya we are committed to sourcing 80% of our sorghum locally and currently work with 30,000 farmers, supporting over 100,000 people in the wider value chain.
  • Our water replenishment strategy in Ghana has returned over 300,000 cubic meters of water to water-stressed areas. We are also working on reforestation projects to alleviate water stress.

Building stronger communities

Across Africa we work on campaigns which align with our global goals, focusing on empowering women and the provision of clean and safe water.

Our initiatives

  • Our Water of Life programme provides a pan-regional and effective water management programme on a community and commercial basis.
  • Our Water Blueprint aligns with the UN global sustainability goals on water stewardship. We also focus on access to safe sanitation and hygiene facilities across Africa.
  • We aim to empower women in different ways, including through supportive internal and external networks and initiatives like working with CARE International to support entrepreneurial female farmers.

Our results so far

  • Water of Life in Ghana has supported over 50,000 people. It has seen water-borne diseases fall from 15% to 3% and a 92% increase in girls attending school.
  • Water of Life has provided access to clean water to over 10 million people in 10 years. In 2017 the programme supported 173,044 people through initiatives such as building boreholes and local sanitary facilities.
  • The Diageo Cameroon Women’s Association has sponsored the education of 65 young orphan girls, and has committed to sponsor scholarships for up to 500 girls by 2020.