27 NOV 2018

27 NOV 2018 Video


Sophie Cawthore - Diageo's Archivist & Collections Manager in Scotland

SOPHIE CAWTHORNE 10:46:49 10:48:27 we’re custodians of our brand’s heritage… as professional archivists it’s really our responsibility to make sure that we continue to collect for the future 11:04:45 10:46:49 You’re continually learning and you’re always discovering new things that you didn’t know yourself. …There’s so much we can learn from the past heritage of these brands that can inform the future. 10:50:13 The sheer scale of the archive can be quite surprising to people when they come. So we have 5,000 metres of linear storage for our archives, so our collections would cover 55 football pitches. 10:57:14 I get to work with materials across all of the brands, because I’m responsible for the acquisition of new material and the managing of material while it’s here at the archive… so being able to put into place systems and processes…and developing strategies that will allow us to continue to build and collect material for the future and safeguard it and preserve it. It’s a real privilege and something I really enjoy.