02 SEP 2021

02 SEP 2021 Video


Introducing our Spirit of Progress sustainability action plan and targets

It’s our responsibility to help grow our business, people, partners and communities in the right way, from grain to glass.

We recently announced our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ plan, designed to make a more inclusive and sustainable world by 2030.

Our new plan builds on the 2015-2020 Sustainability and Responsibility Goals and will deliver meaningful action on a global scale over the next ten years. Carefully selected to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will focus on three core areas:

  1. Promoting Positive Drinking;
  2. Championing Inclusion and Diversity and pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability through preserving water;
  3. Accelerating to a Low-carbon Future and Becoming Sustainable by Design.

To find out more about our bold and ambitious goals for the future, visit: https://www.diageo.com/en/news-and-media/features/diageo-launches-new-ten-year-sustainability-action-plan/