30 MAY 2019

30 MAY 2019 Video


How we are decreasing our environmental footprint with renewable energy at Roseisle distillery

Roseisle is the first malt whisky distillery to generate significant renewable energy from its by-products.

Meet Diageo’s Maturation & Distillation Bio Energy Manager at our Roseisle distillery, Sean Pritchard. Sean talks about how we are working to extend environmental standards throughout our supply chain and decrease our environmental footprint.

By forming local partnerships with farmers and merchants, our aim is to use the resources presented to us after the whisky production process (such as pot ale and spent lees) and raise green energy by processing those materials in a more efficient way.

Read more about the project in our case study: https://www.diageo.com/en/in-society/case-studies/innovating-with-bioenergy-in-scotch-whisky-roseisle/