04 JUN 2021

04 JUN 2021 Video


Hear from Victoria McGowan, our Senior Packaging Technologist in Menstrie, Scotland

“We’ve only got one planet that we all have to share together, and it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy luxury products, but we have to make sure that we do it in a responsible and sustainable way.”

At Diageo, we are making big strides in reducing our environmental impact but won’t stop until 100% of our packaging is widely recyclable. This is why in Menstrie, Scotland, we’ve removed about 40% of our paper usage by adjusting our corrugated portfolio from 34 different components to two, and we are currently looking into using biodiesel for glass production.

We all have a responsibility to restore the natural world on which life depends. We’ll do our bit by eliminating waste from our value chain and developing solutions to reuse materials, collaborating with farmers to regenerate landscapes, and creating innovative solutions to grow sustainably.

Hear from our Senior Packaging Technologist, Victoria McGowan, to see the story of our progress at our site in Menstrie, Scotland.

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Pioneer grain to glass sustainability