04 JUN 2021

04 JUN 2021 Video


Hear from Maryanne Nderu, our Sustainability Manager in Nairobi, Kenya

“Grain-to-glass sustainability is about protecting our natural resources at all costs. We must fiercely and fearlessly protect them.”

At Diageo, water stewardship is a longstanding strategic priority and it is our ambition to replenish more water than we use in our water stressed areas. In Kenya for example, we are working with communities to come up with water initiatives such as boreholes, abolition blocks and earth dams in order to bring clean and accessible water to all. 

Water is our most important ingredient, but is also a precious shared resource which is coming under increasing pressure in many parts of the world. This is why we are applying a comprehensive strategy and working closely in partnership with many stakeholders in order to achieve a positive water impact in our supply chains and beyond.

Hear from our Sustainability Manager, Maryanne Nderu, to see the story of our water stewardship in Kenya, Africa.

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