09 OCT 2018

09 OCT 2018 Video


Diageo's Technical Innovation Team in Singapore

WHO WE ARE TECHNICAL INNOVATION SYNC RYAN ABELLA ANALYTICAL SCIENTIST The Technical Centre in Singapore is the custodian of our brands. SYCN CHRIS GODDARD INNOVATION DIRECTOR ASIA PACIFIC There's a real hub of innovation folk…here in Singapore, working on behalf of all the markets across Asia. KAY NG LIQUID SCIENTIST The Asian market because it is composed of many countries and we are so culturally diverse my role is important to tailor the right profile for the consumers. 00:12:58 SYCN CHRIS GODDARD INNOVATION DIRECTOR ASIA PACIFIC The best innovation comes from a deep, deep understanding of consumers and occasions. And by being here in Singapore we have that proximity to all of those vastly different Asian markets. 00:09:03 KAY NG LIQUID SCIENTIST As a liquid developer I get to formulate the liquids and tailoring it to the way that it suits the consumers. We develop liquids, stretching different profiles like sweetness, bitterness, colours that suit the consumers. 00:02:36 WEN ZHANG LIQUID TECHNOLOGIST The part of my job I like the most would be how we translate the concept to the real product that people can enjoy and appreciate. Especially it's how science meets art. NEIL FITZGERALD PACKING INNOVATION MANAGER in the packaging lab, we do all the tests on the - from the bottles, to the closures, to the labels. We will do print tests, climate tests, transit tests, we'll do strength tests SYLVIA NG SUPPLY PROJECT MANAGER We do a lot of post bottle decorations through engraving and silk screening on glass bottles, something unique and something luxurious for our consumers. NEIL FITZGERALD PACKING INNOVATION MANAGER We can create images that you wouldn't normally be able to create on a surface of a bottle. And it feels like it's a part of the bottle. SYLVIA NG SUPPLY PROJECT MANAGER I think consumers these days are looking for something unique and of heritage, something different from the rest of the products. NEIL FITZGERALD PACKING INNOVATION MANAGER The best bit is knowing that we actually are putting smiles on people's faces all around the world every day.