16 NOV 2016

16 NOV 2016 Video


Blender of Scotch Whisky - We Are Diageo

Meet Chris Clark, a whisky Blender working in Menstrie, Scotland, who has spent his whole working career in the Scotch industry, learning techniques that are passed on from generation to generation. Chris started in the research laboratories and distillery labs until he ended up in the whisky specialist team blending whiskies. The techniques Chris and his team use have been passed down from previous generations. Chris defines a Blender's key attributes as ‘a good nose to identify the aromas and the pallet to identify and appreciate the flavours'. From the Walkers to the Haigs, all of these people developed the whisky industry. And it is the Blenders' job today to ensure that they represent their work and keep it going. Whilst continuing to uphold the good name of Scotch whisky.