Tequila Don Julio reaches consumers in the world of spatial computing with Apple Vision Pro experience

Tequila Don Julio reaches consumers in the world of spatial computing with Apple Vision Pro experience

11 Mar 2024

Last week, Diageo became the first beverage company to launch a platform on Apple Vision Pro, the latest innovation in the world of spatial computing.

In what is a hugely exciting update for tequila fans around the world, Diageo’s excursion into spatial computing will offer ground-breaking access and engagement to our brands that consumers haven’t experienced before. Whether it’s touring the fields where our finest agave plants are grown, to guided tastings and mixology demonstrations, Diageo’s presence on Apple Vision Pro will create exciting new experiences for our consumers, on a canvas that scales beyond the boundaries of a traditional display.

The partnership kicks off this summer with Tequila Don Julio, the ultra-premium tequila that has become an icon of luxury celebrations throughout the world. Don Julio is committed to pushing the boundaries of what has become one of the fastest growing categories in beverage, with innovation central to this, and this partnership will enable consumers to have a first-hand opportunity to access, engage, and immerse themselves in the brand.

The Tequila Don Julio Apple Vision Pro experience will initially focus on the four key chapters in the Don Julio making process: harvesting the agave, baking the piñas, distilling the liquid, and aging the tequila. Offering new opportunities to bring consumers closer to the vibrant world of modern Mexico and all that goes into making Don Julio, this future of immersive storytelling provides revolutionary access that was once limited to visitor centers, distillery tours, and physical activations.

But this is only the beginning, with future iterations of this partnership to feature guided tastings, mixology demonstrations, and experiences that will further celebrate the people and cocktail culture of modern Mexico.

Diageo’s team of innovators continually pushes the boundaries to create new products, tastes, experiences, platforms, and business models that existing and new consumers will love. This announcement with Apple Vision Pro showcases our commitment to thinking, behaving, and creating differently, to enhance the way people discover our brands and ultimately shape the future of social celebration.

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