Combined gender pay gap improves across Diageo Great Britain and Diageo Scotland in 2021

Combined gender pay gap improves across Diageo Great Britain and Diageo Scotland in 2021

10 Feb 2022
  • Diageo Great Britain and Diageo Scotland combined median pay gap of +1.3% (2020: +2.8%)1
  • Diageo Great Britain median pay gap of -23.3% (2020: -20.5%)
  • Diageo Scotland median pay gap of +15.0% (2020: +16.8%)
Jess Warnock

Since 2017, our combined median pay gap has narrowed from 8.6% to 1.3% and continues to be lower than the ONS reported national average median gender pay gap of 15.4.2

This year in our Diageo Great Britain business, the gap has again widened in favour of women, and in our Diageo Scotland business the gap has narrowed. We are proud of the progress we are making, but we know there is more to do.

Championing inclusion and diversity is one of our strategic priorities and we want to leverage the broadest range of backgrounds and skills to create a fully inclusive, high-performing culture. The percentage of female leaders globally is now 42%,Δ up from 39% last year, and as part of our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ global action plan, our ambition is for 50% of leadership roles to be held by women by 2030.3

We recognise that gender parity is just one measure of an inclusive workplace. Since 2020, driving diversity in our leadership has been linked to our Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) awards, meaning that every senior leader is incentivised to make progress on this agenda. We are one of the first companies to create such a clear link and direct accountability for diversity commitments to ensure we are creating a culture in which every individual can thrive.


1. Diageo’s combined gender pay gap figure includes all employees across Diageo Great Britain and Diageo Scotland, as well as employees in legal entities with fewer than 250 employees
2. Office for National Statistics, 26 October 2021: ‘Gender pay gap in the UK: 2021’
3. Statements on representation are an ambition for Diageo and should not be considered a target
Δ   Within PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP’s (PwC) independent limited assurance scope. For further detail and the reporting methodologies, see our ESG Reporting Index 2021

“To be a truly inclusive business requires ambition and action which is why we champion inclusion and diversity in all that we do. We have set bold 2030 gender and ethnicity goals for our global leadership team, and I’m proud that in the last five years we have narrowed our gender pay gap from 8.6% to 1.3% across Diageo Great Britain and Diageo Scotland. As well as working to close the gap further, we will continue to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes, while also creating opportunities for our people, our suppliers and our communities to thrive.”

Louise Prashad

Chief HR Officer