Diageo launches new responsible drinking campaign “Know When to Stop” for the holiday season

18 Nov 2021
Dia Overdrink Keyframe 1200

Through a series of illustrated digital animations, the campaign shows what happens when common holiday pleasures like eating sweet treats, binge watching TV and films and over-decorating your home can become one too many. Launched across our social channels, “Know When to Stop” is part of our commitment to reaching one billion people with dedicated responsible drinking messaging by 2030 and to educate people on the risks of the harmful use of alcohol as part of our 10-year action plan, Society 2030: Spirit of Progress. To see the series of animations, visit Diageo’s social channels here.

“We know the holidays are an important time of year for people to be getting together and celebrating. This campaign is a fun, festive reminder that there’s a happy limit to everything and the holidays are best enjoyed in moderation, be that drinking, eating, or binge-watching.”

Kate Gibson

Global Director of Diageo in Society

“I wanted to visually capture the sort of manic nature of ‘too much of a good thing’ which was central to the overall idea of moderation. I like tales of human folly, so I tried to capture that in a festive, over the top way.”

Cari Vander Yacht

Award-winning illustrator

The global campaign has been designed to signpost adults to DRINKiQ - our global resource to help people make responsible choices about drinking, or not drinking. DRINKiQ is available in 16 languages and 35 country sites and is a dedicated responsible drinking website that provides training, information and practical advice on alcohol and its impact on the body, along with a range of resources to encourage moderate consumption.

“DRINKiQ is a great place for people to go to find out more about alcohol, the impact it can have on their bodies, and the importance of drinking in moderation.”

Kate Gibson

Global Director of Diageo in Society