What's your DRINKiQ? Our new tool arms people with comprehensive nutritional and alcohol information

With New Year resolutions in full swing, many people are focusing on what they are eating and drinking in an effort to lead a more balanced lifestyle. But how many calories are actually in that gin and tonic? And how much alcohol does a pint of lager really contain?


DrinkIQ infographic

As part of our commitment to give consumers greater transparency and help them to make more informed choices about alcohol as part of a balanced lifestyle, we have revamped our online tool – DRINKiQ.com. The new site gives people greater detail about the nutritional and alcohol content of their favourite drinks, as well as ingredient information. From Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff to Baileys and Guinness, we are providing this information for all Diageo brands as well as, for the first time, a breakdown of saturated fat, sugar, caffeine and sodium content.

A brilliantly simple 'Drinks Calculator' also helps consumers easily work out and track the amount of alcohol they are drinking and how many calories they have consumed, instead of expecting them to do the maths. This sits alongside a host of responsible drinking tips, as well as advice on how the food people eat, their age, size and gender affects how their bodies processes alcohol.

What’s more, the website busts a host of myths and misconceptions – such as:

  1. "Spirits contain more alcohol than beer and wine."
  2. "Eating food means I can drink more"
  3. "Drinking coffee sobers people up faster"

“As people become more and more interested in their diet and lifestyle choices, we need to play our part. We know that consumers want nutritional information about what they drink ‒ just as they do with the foods they eat; they also want a clear and easy way to know how much alcohol they are drinking. We believe passionately in helping people to understand what’s in their drink and to make informed choices about drinking or not drinking.”

Carolyn Panzer

Alcohol in Society Director, Diageo