Welcome to the Shuijingfang Museum in Chengdu

The Shuijingfang Museum is the home of 600 years of history and production of Chinese White Spirit Baijiu


Shuijingfang Classic Master version

Located in the Jinjiang district of Chengdu, China, the museum opened in 2013 and was built on the original production site of Shuijingfang following archaeological discovery of its remains in 1998.

Diageo entered the baijiu category in 2011 through acquiring a controlling stake in Shuijingfang’s holding company. Shuijingfang is still being made at the site today using real traditional Baijiu production techniques. Shuijingfang’s traditional production techniques and skills have been listed as ‘national intangible cultural heritage’ in China and Shuijingfang was the first thick-fragrance baijiu brand to be authorized as ‘Geographical origin products of the People's Republic of China’.

The museum preserves Shuijingfang distillery ancient relics from 600 years ago. Visitors are taken through the history of the making process of the brand and invited to a tasting in the sensory room at the end of the tour. The museum also displays all of Shuijingfang current and archive variants including Well Bay, Master Distiller No.8 and Forest Green as well limited edition brands like the ones created in celebration of the three Chinese Dynasties: Yuan, Ming and Qing.

The continuation of 600 years of uninterrupted production makes Shuijingfang distillery the one and only hard evidence of ancient Baijiu craft. The Shuijingfang distillery site is also listed as a ‘National key protected cultural unit’ in China and a tentative on the ‘World Heritage Centre’.