We're calling on others to join the WASH @workplace Pledge

In celebration of World Toilet Day 2015, we have worked with the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and companies, including Nestle and Unilever, to create a video to encourage others to join the WASH @workplace Pledge.

By Louise Jones


We have a long history of advocacy in the area of water and sanitation, particularly through our Water of Life programme and in our own operations.

We were the first alcohol beverage company to sign the WASH @workplace Pledge – taking a leadership position by committing to ensuring the wellbeing of employees in our offices and sites under our direct control around the world.

In joining the pledge, companies agree to achieving a set of standards, including ensuring adequate toilet facilities for men and women, ensuring hygiene promotion and education at the workplace, ensuring the quality of water access, to mention a few.

The investment in WASH for employees and in the community is also supported by a strong business case:

  • It can lead to healthier and more productive workforce by reducing absenteeism due to water-related diseases, and thus improve productivity.
  • It can lower reputational risks and more secured social licence to operate – good water management and provision of safe WASH allows businesses to lower the risk of perceived mismanagement of water resources or infringement on the human right to Water and Sanitation.
  • Expanded and more vibrant markets: Countries with higher percentages of the population with access to safe WASH enjoy higher growth. It is estimated that for every US$ 1 invested in water and sanitation, US$ 4.30 is generated in economic returns through increased productivity.