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The Open Gate Brewery comes to London

The Open Gate Brewery opened the doors to its Experimental Tap room in London last week. Launched in time for the festive season, the taproom gives Londoners the chance to sample some of Guinness’s unique and innovative beers, while meeting some of the brewers that make them.


The Open Gate Brewery opened the doors to its Experimental Tap room in London last week.

There has been an experimental brewery at St James’s Gate for over a hundred years and today the Open Gate Brewery enables Guinness brewers to explore new recipes, interpret old ones and experiment freely to bring exciting new beers to life.

Open for one-month, the tap room invites beer lovers to enjoy and sample some of the Open Gate Brewery’s exciting beers including American West-Coast style Citra IPA and hopped, crisp and clean tasting Pilsner, alongside a range of exclusive and special brews, including a chilli-flavoured stout and festive Christmas beer.

Front view of OGB pop up store

Released in March, Open Gate Citra IPA along with Open Gate Pilsner are the latest range of beers to be introduced by the brewers at the Open Gate Brewery - the home of innovation and experimentation at St. James’s Gate. Other innovations include the successful launch of Hop House 13 in 2015, which has enjoyed phenomenal success where it’s sold in the UK, Ireland and Canada, as well as the recent launch of Open Gate Pure Brew in Ireland, a non-alcoholic craft lager.

Guinness has a long and rich heritage yet is constantly innovating to produce fantastic beers to suit a range of tastes and occasions.

Find out more about the Open Gate Brewery here.