The Millennial Man who's landed his dream job with Singleton Whisky

A pioneer in his own right, Ervin Trykowski takes on the enviable role of the first ever Global Brand Ambassador for Singleton Whisky.


Global Brand Ambassador Ervin Trykowski

At the age of 30, Ervin has spent many years mastering the art of bartending. Founder of the Glasgow Bartenders Club, the first UK bartender community founded nine years ago, Ervin’s goal was for bartenders to have a place to come together, learn and share. Ervin believes that: ‘The best bartenders know what you want to drink before you do; [they] can tell your mood and are an amazing judge of character. But there’s a balance to it, because it’s not about us making decisions for you and telling you what’s good for you. It’s a delicate line of just knowing what you want and letting you choose, and tell your own story.’

With this passion for bartending, it was clear Ervin would make a fantastic ambassador at Diageo, opening up our whisky collection to every audience. Ervin states: ‘The legacy of Singleton is that it is the biggest malt whisky maker in the world; it's about inclusivity. Singleton talks to everyone because it’s a drink for everyone.’

Ultimately Ervin wants to inspire his predecessor, and society, that whisky can be inclusive and accessible to all generations at every occasion.

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