​The changing face of socialising

The Changing Face of Socialising: The trends that will shape our social lives in 2017 is a new report from the Diageo Futures team that examines how socialising is changing around the world.


Woman using VR headset

The report distils research gathered by a team of professional cultural ethnographers into three key trends that will shape the way we socialise in 2017 and beyond. These trends can be seen in a wide range of activity around the world from the growing popularity of immersive entertainment to the advent of technology than can transform the home.

The full report is available to download from here.

Exceptional becomes the rule

Our increasingly digital lifestyles are driving fundamental changes to the way we socialise. The smartphone has made diaries obsolete and planning ahead a thing of the past, leading to a rise in spur-of-the-moment socialising. People are also seeking exceptional experiences on social media and increasingly expect a side order of surprise, immersion and sensory delight with their drinks when they’re out.

Future of socialising trend 1

In with the ‘in’ crowd

With the rise of on-demand food and entertainment services, the home is becoming a destination in its own right. From ordering restaurant-quality food at the touch of a button to booking your favourite band to play in your living room, 2017 will see the home become a place to create extraordinary experiences for friends and family.

future of socializing trend 2

Optimise not compromise

The growing popularity of wearable technology such as Fitbit and increasingly diverse food and drink alternatives means we have more opportunity than ever to take control of what we consume and how we exercise. Balance and choice will be key characteristics of the year ahead, reflecting a desire to optimise our lives without compromising on the experience.

future of socializing trend 3

Technology is at the heart of each of these trends and will drive further and even more radical changes to how we spend our free time in the years ahead. The Diageo Futures team will be keeping a close eye on how these trends develop around the world over the next 12 months and beyond.

Read the full report here