Sustainable cocktails. Better for bartenders. Better for the community.

Ketel One is inspiring bartenders around the world to re-think the way they choose ingredients and prepare their cocktails to have a positive impact on their communities


Over 10,000 bartenders from around the world competed in hundreds of challenges over six months during World Class 2018, with 56 of the best bartenders from 57 countries competing in the finals in October. 

Recognising that today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of the brands they choose, one of the challenges the finalists faced was to re-think classic Ketel One cocktail recipes with sustainability in mind. Espresso Martinis, Bloody Marys, Vodka Sodas and Dutch Mules were re-imagined to have a more positive impact on their local communities.

World Class bartender Travis Kuhn designed a Ketel One Bloody Mary serve with the aim of creating jobs for people in his local community in South Africa. Travis launched an initiative to teach people in a local shelter how to create fresh juices for his Bloody Mary serve and is encouraging the local industry to show their support by buying these juices. 

Panama's Enrique Auvert, has re-imagined a range of classic Ketel One cocktails to highlight the importance of growing local products in a sustainable way to bring benefits to the local community. Working with small local suppliers the World Class bartender is creating zero-waste cocktails that are served at local pop-up brunches, with all money made going towards their education. 

“This search for ‘better’ isn’t just with ingredients, but with experiences and a brand’s impact on society as a whole. Cultural consciousness has been at the heart of Ketel One, that’s why we decided to help inspire bartenders and bars around the world about how they can offer an even better drinking experience.”

Alexandre Rodrigues

Global Brand Director for Ketel One

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