Smirnoff celebrates inclusivity with ‘Stay Open’ Canada

Smirnoff believes good times are better when everyone is invited, and through a new campaign, the brand is hoping to lend its voice to a broader message of global inclusivity.


Smirnoff we're open

Through a collection of inspiring real-life stories, "Stay Open" brings a uniquely Canadian perspective to Smirnoff's global platform and brand campaign, We're Open.

The Canadian "Stay Open" campaign was created to highlight the open-mindedness, open-heartedness and fun-loving spirit at the heart of Canada's culture. Whether it's someone who was born and raised here, or a recent immigrant who chose to make Canada their new home, Smirnoff believes in the power of bringing people together through shared experiences and celebrations, 365 days a year.

"Globally, Smirnoff stands for inclusive good times, but nowhere in the world do we see that come to life like in Canada," said Mark Phillips, Brand Leader, Smirnoff Canada. "These core values are ingrained in the lives of Canadians, and Smirnoff believes they always deserve to be celebrated, even though Canadians have been historically humble in their assertion of them. Smirnoff is on a mission to promote inclusivity through the power of good times."

The "Stay Open" film celebrates the true spirit of what it means to be Canadian and the idea that no matter who you are, where you're from, or who you love, you're welcome here. With "Stay Open," Smirnoff is hoping to cement the brand's belief that "good times" get better when people come together to celebrate inclusively, and that Canadians are leading by example in this regard. By sharing a mix of authentic experiences from real Canadians, Smirnoff is revealing a rich and compelling snapshot of what makes up the mosaic that is Canada. The stories highlighted in the campaign are meant to inspire others around the world to embrace individuals the way our country has always been known to do.

Mark Phillips continued “In making the advert our goal was to be truly inclusive. We cast the net wide in our search for some of the most compelling Canadian stories that brought to life the values of openness and inclusivity in a celebratory way, whether they were new-Canadians or someone who has called Canada home for more than 50 years. Almost every Canadian has ties to another country, yet what unites us are our Canadian values. This is a story that celebrates the cultural fabric of the country.”