Sláinte! Guinness helps to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day around the world

Over 13 million glasses of Guinness will be enjoyed around the world today as revellers celebrate the heritage and culture of Ireland by marking St. Patrick's Day.


Guinness St. Patrick day poster

From Dublin to Dubai, London to Lima, and Moscow to Montserrat, St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated by more than 70 million people across six continents ‒ and Guinness will be at the heart of the festivities.

St. Patrick's Day celebrations range from parades through capital cities to the 'greening' of iconic landmarks and sights. It's even been celebrated in space ‒ twice. In 2011, the International Space Station hosted a St. Paddy's Day celebration with Irish-American astronaut Catherine Coleman playing a 100-year-old flute and a tin whistle while floating weightlessly in space. And in 2013, astronaut Chris Hadfield celebrated St. Patrick's Day by photographing Ireland from space while singing Danny Boy.

Back down on earth, St. Patrick's Day is a national holiday in Ireland. Today, parades take place throughout the world - from Munich, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast in the UK to Buenos Aires in Argentina, Tokyo in Japan and Sydney in Australia, with Guinness the drink of choice for many.

Guinness was first brewed in Ireland in 1759 and fast became the nation's favourite drink. Now, the brewery in St. James's Gate, Dublin brews 4.5 million hectolitres of Guinness every year. And with 8,744 years left on the lease, at the current production rate, that is enough to brew over 9 trillion pints ‒ which is a lot of St. Patrick's Days!

And finally... ten things you never knew about the Black Stuff:

  • Over 13 million glasses of Guinness are enjoyed around the world on St. Patrick's Day
  • It takes 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect pint of Guinness
  • There are roughly 300,000,000 bubbles in each pint of Guinness
  • Almost 8 million glasses of Guinness are enjoyed every day around the world
  • Guinness is now brewed in 49 countries and exported to over 150 countries
  • Guinness is the only brand in Great Britain with its own dedicated Quality team
  • One pint in every three in Ireland is a pint of Guinness
  • The most Guinness is sold in Great Britain, followed by Ireland, Nigeria, United States of America, Indonesia and Cameroon
  • The product historically known as 'the black stuff' is actually ruby red in colour
  • There are six steps to the perfect pint of Guinness

Now Guinness is brewed in 49 countries around the world. So to help make your celebrations authentically Irish this year, here's a helpful guide to Irish phrases that will get you through the celebrations this St. Patrick's Day.

  • Pionta Guinness, le do thoil. (Pyun-tah Guinness, leh duh huh-il) A pint of Guinness, please.
  • Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit! (Law Ale-yeh Pawd-rig Sunna Ditch) Happy St. Patrick's Day! (singular)
  • Ádh na nÉireannach (Awe nah Nay-ron-okh) Luck of the Irish
  • Sláinte! (Sloyn-cheh) Cheers!
  • Go raibh maith agat. (Guh rev mah a-gut) Thank you.
  • Tá fáilte romhat. (Taw foyle-cheh roh-ot) You're welcome.