Royal Challenge whisky: pushing the boundaries for women in India


Over half a million people have signed the #ChallengeAccepted petition, including some of India’s top cricketers

In India, our local star brands each have their own unique cultural identity that connects with Indian consumers’ passions. Our Royal Challenge whisky connects through cricket, India’s most-watched sport. It owns the Royal Challengers Bangalore cricket team, who play in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and boasts India’s men’s cricket captain in its ranks.

Royal Challenge has a strong brand identity that is not afraid to take on stereotypes. Through purpose-led marketing, it created the #ChallengeAccepted campaign, which sets out to achieve a more progressive and inclusive space for women everywhere.

Royal Challenge is asking India’s millions of cricket fans a crucial question: given the enormous talent of India’s women cricketers, why shouldn’t they play in the same top sides as men? The campaign sees India’s leading women cricketers and India’s men’s team captain demand that the boundaries be pushed. And it is calling on consumers to get real and support the first ever mixed-gender T20 cricket match by voting on its website – aiming to reach one million votes.

And people are responding. There was a 300% increase in engagement in the brand’s social media channels in the first four weeks of the campaign and over half a million have so far votedin favour of holding the match in September 2019.

1 As of 24 July 2019.