Rising to the challenge this World Water Day

Hear from David Cutter, our Chief Sustainability Officer, this World Water Day.


Throughout my years running Diageo’s Supply business, I’ve seen first-hand how a lack of access to water can impact people and communities around the world, particularly in water-stressed areas like India and Africa.

On #WorldWaterDay I wanted to reflect on the importance of water and why this is more than just a date in the calendar, but something that should be at the forefront of our minds every day.

As a global beverage company our business relies on water. It’s an essential ingredient in all our products - whether we’re making beers like Guinness or spirits like Johnnie Walker. Take scotch whisky for example, it’s simple to make – it’s all about water, barley, wood, people and time. However, I’m extremely aware that water is a precious and shared resource. What that means for us when making our products, is that we must balance our use of water with the need of the communities around us.

I’m proud that we’ve committed to replenishing the amount of water we use in our final product in water-stressed areas back into the local environment. In 2018 we replenished almost half the water used in these areas, through projects such as reforestation, provision of clean water and sanitation or improved farming techniques, and I’m looking forward to making even more progress this year.

We’ll continue to form partnerships and share our experiences and learnings on water with our suppliers, governments and partners. So let’s all rise to the challenge and make this #WorldWaterDay the most successful yet.

Rising to the challenge this World Water Day

Our business relies on water and other natural resources & we want to use those resources responsibly, preserving them for future generations.