​Reducing our environmental impact and protecting natural resources

​The success of our business is dependent on many natural resources, some of which are becoming increasingly constrained as rising demand and climate change place them under pressure.


We are committed to minimising our environmental impact across our operations. Our new and expanded environmental goals are set out in our Sustainability and Responsibility targets to 2020 and outline how we will accelerate progress to reduce our environmental impact and extend our programmes and initiatives across our supply chain.

Water stewardship is our highest environmental priority. Our Diageo Water Blueprint outlines how we will achieve our water targets, of which a key focus is to reduce water use in our operations by improving efficiency by 50% worldwide. At our brewery in Kaasi, Ghana we have already reduced the amount of water used to brew each litre of beer by 30%, and we have invested in technology at our other breweries in Africa to improve the quality of the waste water discharged by 90%.

man smiling in warehouse

Beyond water, we want to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 50% by 2020. We have achieved a maximum score of ‘100 A’ - 100 for Disclosure Score and A for Performance Band - by CDP, the most highly regarded global environmental benchmark. Only the top 5% of global businesses achieve this score.

For consecutive years, we have maintained our position as one of the top performing consumer staples companies in the world – directly related to reducing our emissions year on year. We recently invested €168 million to build a cutting edge brewhouse at St. James’s Gate, Dublin. It is the first major brewery in the world to be awarded the prestigious LEED Platinum certification for energy efficiency.

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We love our brands to reach our consumers in beautiful, good quality packaging but we know that recycling and waste are also important factors to manage. We want to achieve zero waste to landfill globally by 2020; 54 of our production sites already hit this target such as Plainfield, IL. where we bottle Smirnoff Vodka for North America. We have also made progress through continuously improving how we segregate waste to enable recovery and reuse throughout our supply chain. Our Glass is Good programme in Brazil has recycled 17.5 million bottles in 5 years making the equivalent of 4,070 MWh of energy savings.

As we progress to 2020, we will report the status of all our targets each year in the Annual Report, published in August. To find out more detailed information about our environmental performance, refer to our Sustainability and Responsibility Addendum published each year alongside our annual report.

Learn more about how we have worked with co-operatives across five states Brazil to recycle 8,721 tons of glass packaging to date in our Glass is Good programme.