Rebuilding a community struck twice by earthquakes Diageo Mexico taking action “Diageo Reconstruye” in San Mateo del Mar

Following the two earthquakes that have struck Mexico earlier this year, Diageo Mexico launched the Diageo Rebuilds initiative - “Diageo Reconstruye” – to support reconstruction efforts in the local community.


After Mexico was struck by two earthquakes in early 2018 which severely impacted many states, Diageo Mexico decided to lead efforts to support home reconstruction in a community launching the “Diageo Reconstruye” or Diageo Rebuilds initiative. Our Mexican business pledged $250,000 dollars and employees doubled that with other fundraising activities and donations.

For the rebuild Diageo found a partner, PienZa Sostenible – an local NGO with expertise in community engagement and sustainable architectural development. Together they chose one of the most affected communities: San Mateo del Mar, in Oaxaca –over 700 miles from Mexico City and founded in 1606. The plan was simple to rebuild over 40 homes destroyed by the earthquakes.

The project was designed from the outset to be multi-staged and to involve the community from the beginning in the shape and design of their space. Diageo Mexico employees and 19 Mexican recognized architectural firms went to San Mateo del Mar initially to establish their needs from the buildings and homes to be rebuilt. The second meeting was to show the community the designs and options for them having listened to their requirements. Another element of the project was to ensure that once build the home owners had legal proof of ownership and to provide certainty of their rights to their new homes.

In June building began and over the following three months architects, builders, community and Diageo employees came together through different activities to rebuild 40 homes San Mateo according to a sustainable plan. 

The following youtube videos show the project through its different phases: