Raising a glass to Guinness for International Stout Day

We bring to life the history of Guinness - the world’s most famous stout - and the spirit of innovation at its heart ahead of International Stout Day (7th November 2019)


The brewing history of Guinness began over 200 years ago with ales, then porters and then, famously, stout. With that first batch of Irish stout, there began a legacy of innovative brewing that's since been upheld all over the world.

With over twenty Guinness beers now in production and exciting new brews being dreamt up daily, we’re taking a look back and celebrating the innovation highlights of Guinness across the years.

The Perfect Pint of Guinness


Precise instructions for brewing Guinness Superior Porter are recorded - the historic beginnings of today’s Guinness Original and Guinness Extra Stout.


Guinness hires a university science graduate for the very first time. The appointment heralds the beginning of a new wave of innovation at St. James’s Gate.


The first Guinness research laboratory is established and is quickly followed by an experimental brewhouse and experimental maltings, leading to the transformation of St James’s Gate into a state-of-the-art 20th-century brewery.


Guinness surprised an entire industry by being the first brewer to hire scientists to head up a ground-breaking research lab, which led to the use of nitrogenation in beer – and the renowned perfect Guinness pour.


Guinness launched the world-famous widget to deliver the perfect draught Guinness serve in a can, followed by  Guinness Draught in a bottle in 1999.


Guinness marks 250 years of brewing.


Guinness launches the Brewers Project, based at the brand Pilot Brewery at St. James’s Gate. Guinness’ enterprising brewers begin a quest to explore new brews, reinterpret historic recipes and experiment with ways to bring exciting new beers to life.

2 November 2017

In celebration of International Stout Day 2017, Guinness create a one-off batch brewed exclusively for International Stout Day - ‘Stouta This World’.

‘Stouta This World’ is a smooth stout with subtle flavours of vanilla, caramel toffee and chocolate before finishing with a warming sensation from bourbon.

New innovation 'Stouta This World'

Please drink responsibly