Our new connected ‘Smart Bottle’ unveiled in Barcelona

The iconic Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle will be used to showcase the new technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bottle

The prototype Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle uses extremely thin, electronic sensors which can tell if the bottle has been opened or not and where it is in the supply chain.

And these sensors also mean we can send information to customers who scan the bottle with their smartphones ‒ and change that information, thanks to the sensors being "always connected".

For instance, we could upload promotional offers while the bottle is in the shop but change that information to cocktail recipes when the sensors show the bottle has been opened at home. The "smart bottle" will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, taking place March 2 to 5, 2015.

The innovation, created by Thinfilm in collaboration with Diageo Technology Ventures, uses Thinfilm's proprietary and patent-pending OpenSense™ technology, makes use of smartphones' Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. The technology allows us to track bottle movements across the supply chain, in-store and to the point of consumption, with the sensor tags remaining readable even when the factory seal has been broken, providing an additional layer of security in protecting the authenticity of the product.

Unlike conventional static QR codes that are often difficult to read, easy to copy, and do not support sensor integration, OpenSense™ tags can dynamically detect if a bottle is sealed or open with the simple tap of an NFC smartphone. To ensure authenticity, the tags are also completely and permanently encoded at the point of manufacture and cannot be copied or electrically modified.

“Mobile technology is changing the way we live, and as a consumer brands company we want to embrace its power to deliver amazing new consumer experiences in the future. We constantly experiment with the latest cutting edge technologies to enrich and enhance the experiences delivered by our iconic brands. Our collaboration with Thinfilm allows us to explore all the amazing new possibilities enabled by smart bottles for consumers, retailers and our own business, and it sets the bar for technology innovation in the drinks industry.”

Helen Michels

Global Innovation Director, Futures Team, Diageo

“As mobility becomes ubiquitous, consumers want and expect brands to follow suit and deliver custom mobile experiences. But today's conventional NFC mobile marketing solutions are not technologically advanced enough to create immersive or customisable consumer experiences. By leveraging OpenSense™, Thinfilm is enabling the 'smart bottles' to carry digital information that can be accessed via NFC smartphones. Diageo can reap the benefits of the intelligence gleaned from our smart sensors and create engaging experiences for its customers. This is how we will begin to build the real Internet of Everything.”

Davor Sutija

Chief Executive Officer, Thinfilm

The prototype bottle will be on display at Thinfilm's booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain throughout the four-day event.

Diageo Technology Ventures was established in September 2014, and is a programme specifically designed to solve some of the company's existing business challenges and unlock new opportunities for future growth by working with emerging technology companies. As the first initiative to be rolled out as part of this programme, the working prototype bottle illustrates the new possibilities our packaging enables for customers and retailers, including advancements in sensors, electronic printing, material sciences and mobile technologies.