​​Our Europe Marketing & Innovation Director on the evolution of marketing teams

​Diageo Europe Marketing & Innovation Director Ed Pilkington recently gave a fascinating interview to Marketing Week on the future of the marketing department.


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Ed is a Diageo veteran, having joined the company in 1995, and is a respected marketing leader. Drawing on his many years’ experience, he discusses one of hottest topics in marketing right now – how leaders construct a marketing department in a time of rapid change

In the interview, Ed talks about how marketing teams are made up of ‘generalists’ and ‘specialists’, and the importance of having the right balance between the two. According to Ed, “The marketing department of today has to be a blend of consumer-centric business leaders who write and execute brand plans, but who are surrounded by experts bringing knowledge and competitive advantage to keep up with rapidly changing fields such as media, data and technology.”

Ultimately, he believes it is evolution and change that will be key to the success of the marketing department. The good news is that all this change will make the marketing department a more interesting and diverse place, with a greater blend of thinking and skills. And that will be to everybody's benefit.

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