Our Chief Marketing Officer on the evolution of Marketing over the last 20 years

Looking back at some of the most memorable marketing campaigns in recent year, CMO Syl Saller discusses the social and technological changes that have influenced Diageo’s iconic campaigns.


Image of Syl Saller

Joining Diageo in 1999, Syl was excited to shape the culture of a young company, as well as working with iconic brands steeped in history. Drawing on many years of experience, Syl believes that one of the key shift in Marketing has been the perceptions people have of the role that brands and businesses play in society. Marketing is now about creating something people want, rather than making people want things.

The role of the Marketer has drastically changed since the digital world exploded. Syl says ‘If the 50s and 60s were the golden age of advertising, today is the golden age of creativity: there are more platforms, channels, and formats open to us than ever before. As a marketer, that’s tremendously exciting.’ This cultural shift towards more data driven marketing means our marketers need to balance creativity, with a love for data.

Ultimately, Syl believes that data and technology will shape the future of marketing. Our brands will always have rich heritage and authenticity, but it is crucial to use data to connect our brands to people in innovative ways.

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