New responsible drinking campaign – ‘Stay Yourself’ – launches at universities across Europe

Stay Yourself puts the spotlight on responsible drinking to equip university students with the information they need to make informed and positive choices about drinking, or not drinking.


Now in its second year, the campaign is the latest initiative in our efforts to promote moderation and tackle misuse, encouraging people around the world to Drink Positive.

The fun, animated series has a light-hearted and humorous tone, designed to help students make more informed choices about drinking.

Campaign poster

The campaign features animated scenarios and a humorous tone young adults can relate to

Key tips to ‘stay yourself’ when enjoying alcohol in moderation, include always eating before a night out, spacing alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks and looking out for friends to make sure they get home safely.

The multimedia campaign will be activated in partnership with student associations and universities across Europe, running across campuses – in colleges and student bars – and across social media, with a goal to reach five million students across thirteen countries by the end of 2018.

“I am proud to see Stay Yourself running for a second year, which has already reached two million students and provided them with valuable guidance to help them make informed and positive decisions about alcohol. As the campaign continues to roll out across universities and places where young adults socialise, I am confident that we’ll meet our target to reach five million students by the end of 2018.”

Charles Ireland
Charles Ireland

General Manager for Diageo GB, Ireland and France