Meet Laura-May, Communications Specialist working in North America

Laura-May is part of our Corporate Relations team in North America. Find out more about what her role involves and why she loves working at Diageo.



Laura-May is our Communications Specialist on the Corporate Relations team in North America. She previously worked for Guinness in Ireland and moved to North America after 2 years. Day to day she works across internal and external communications, telling our story primarily across our digital channels, and ensuring stakeholders are up to date and engaged in company initiatives and news. Recently she worked on a campaign to mark Alcohol Responsibility Month in North America, and we went behind the scenes to find out more.

How were you involved in the Alcohol Responsibility Month campaign?

We want all our people to be able to tell their own story when it comes to the role they play in helping people to #drinkpositive. Part of my job was to ensure our Diageo North America offices had the tools and information they needed for our employees to celebrate Alcohol Responsibility Month in April. That meant collating content, collateral and showcasing personal stories of different employees across the business, while also highlighting our ambition for 50 million consumers to commit to ‘never drinking and driving’ by 2020 by taking part in #jointhepact. 

Why do you think it’s important to promote responsible drinking?

It’s important that we celebrate the positive role alcohol can play in society and challenge alcohol misuse. I think that sharing information is an essential way of promoting responsible celebration with our brands, while educating people about the dangers of misuse at the same time. If you want to learn more about what you are consuming, take a look at the newly launched 15 minute course on

What do you like most about life at Diageo?

I love that we are encouraged to live Diageo’s purpose; ‘Celebrating life, every day, everywhere’, both in work and in our personal lives. It’s a great phrase to consider each morning as it helps you tackle the day with a mind-set that can set you up for success!

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