Keep premium core vibrant Proof in the pudding: Baileys’ treats making new connections



In 2018, Baileys grew 6% globally. In North America, net sales were up 11% in 2018, following our new indulgent treat campaign. So what is the secret to its success? Our insights told us that people around the world claimed to love Baileys more than any other spirit, but there were simply fewer occasions on which to drink it. To address this, we repositioned Baileys from liqueur to ‘premium adult treat’ and have activated a groundbreaking marketing and consumer engagement campaign to support this growing occasion.

Our work is underpinned by a deep understanding of occasions, so we are reaching consumers in a range of trend-leading ways. We have created recipe videos for our digital channels showcasing the versatility of Baileys. We have partnered with restaurants, bars and cafe chains to place Baileys on the menu as an indulgent end to a meal – over ice, over ice-cream or in coffee. In supermarkets and retail stores, we have increased displays and cross-promoted Baileys with key coffee and dessert brands. Innovations, such as Baileys Almande, are also recruiting new consumers and creating new occasions on which to enjoy Baileys.

Altogether, our advertising, increased digital presence and food partnerships mean millions of consumers are not only enjoying Baileys but are engaging with and sharing our content too.