Johnnie Walker Blue Label: authenticity and new experiences


Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s Ghost and Rare limited edition whisky

As the premiumisation trend continues, consumers are increasingly looking for products of superior quality, authenticity and taste. We are connecting consumers with the amazing craftsmanship and history of our Reserve brands through our creative marketing. We are focused on educating  consumers about Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s liquid credentials of rarity, distinct flavour and depth of character, through limited edition releases and exclusive experiences.

This year, launches included Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen. The Port Ellen distillery closed in 1983 and its liquid is one of the most sought-after whiskies in the world.

We are also using our data to ensure we reach the right consumers. Key influencers in each market are targeted with exciting experiences like the intimate Johnnie Walker Blue Label ‘Bothy’, recently held in Hong Kong and named after Scotland’s unique hideaways. Handfuls of invitees were able to sample some of the rarest Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskies paired with a Michelin starred tasting menu in a unique setting. The two-week project reached almost 13 million people1, with more planned for other markets in fiscal 2020.

1Internal analysis of print, broadcast, social media reach.