Intelligent automation: delivering everyday efficiency at scale


We are looking for new ways of working that continue to make us more efficient

We have embedded a mindset of ‘everyday efficiency’ across Diageo, a shift in culture that, over the last three years, has helped us save £700 million. And we’re looking forward, for new ways of working that continue to make us a more efficient organisation.

Intelligent automation, now used in more than 100 applications across the business, is a key example. Through predictive analytics, machine learning and robotics process automation, we are growing more productive and more competitive.

Our Sales Order Capture Automation, for example, uses artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms to extract and process data from more than a million customer sales orders per year. Our end-to-end Source to Pay process automatically validates invoices against purchase orders, interacts with banks and executes payments. And we are working on scaling our intelligent automation across a range of functions, from simplifying HR processes and financial reporting, to forecasting how we use our commodities and assess market pricing in order to plan the optimum time to purchase.

As intelligent automation increases accuracy, we improve compliance and data quality and create savings. We also improve our decision making and free up our people to use their talents to create greater value.