Inspiring people around the world to drink better, not more, this Chinese New Year

We’re collaborating with social media influencers to promote positive drinking experiences as we welcome the Year of the Dog.


Enjoying alcohol is an established part of some of the most prominent festivities around the world, and with more than one billion people expected to ring-in the Chinese New Year this month we want to inspire those consumers raising a toast of celebration to make positive and responsible choices about alcohol.

From the ‘Family Reunion Dinner’, typically held on the eve of Chinese New Year, to the renowned lantern festival, marking the end of the celebratory period - fifteen days of festivities celebrate the traditions and customs of Asian culture. Symbolic dishes and traditional drinks, including báijiǔ, play a central role in these festivities across the globe from Shanghai and Singapore, to London and New York.

Inspiring people around the world to drink better, not more, this Chinese New Year

Photo: Aubrey Sim, Reserve Brand Ambassador South East Asia - who will share top tips for hosting responsibly during Chinese New Year celebrations, to promote positive drinking experiences

To inspire consumers to drink better, not more, during the festive period our #DrinkPositive campaign will put the spotlight on Chinese New Year celebrations and introduce top tips to ensure people enjoy positive drinking experiences. Singapore Instagrammers Drea Chong and Jemimah Wei will join the conversation, continuing our collaboration with social media influencers, and share their ultimate guide to #DrinkPositive this Chinese New Year.  

Inspiring people around the world to drink better, not more, this Chinese New Year

In sharing their Chinese New Year stories influencers will inspire consumers to make responsible choices about alcohol, from enjoying traditional dishes before having a drink to offering guests plenty of water and non-alcohol spacers

“Chinese New Year is the biggest festivity of the year for my family and friends, and food and drink plays a big part in what we do to celebrate. I always look forward to showing how you can pair traditional Chinese New Year dishes, such as ‘nian gao’, with creative cocktails. For me, the most important thing will be ensuring everyone has a night to remember so I’m excited to share my tips for being a great host”

Aubrey Sim

Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador, South East Asia

“For many of our consumers, moderation is becoming increasingly aspirational and we are committed to providing people with the information they need to make positive choices about drinking – or not drinking. Encouraging people to celebrate responsibly is a priority for us. With events taking place around the world to mark one of the year’s biggest festivities, we hope to inspire people to drink better not more as they welcome in the Year of The Dog”

Carolyn Panzer
Carolyn Panzer

Diageo’s Director of Alcohol in Society

How will you be celebrating Chinese New Year? Join the conversation on social media using #DrinkPositive and #CNY.

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