How we manage water use across our business

We know that the responsible management of water is absolutely essential to the future of our business.


Barrels in a cloud of smoke

For us, the impacts of water are varied and span five continents. As a beverage company using such a fundamentally important natural resource to make alcohol we know we have additional responsibility to manage water responsibly.

Making progress

Our water efficiency has improved by 30% since 2007 and operations in Africa have improved their water efficiency by over 40% since 2007. Water continues to be our biggest environmental priority. Our new water replenishment target, just one of three new water targets included in our 2020 Sustainability & Responsibility targets, reflects our big ambitions and our commitment to work collaboratively with many stakeholders to improve water stewardship in water stressed locations

But it is not just an environmental concern, our Water of Life project helps many communities across Africa, improving people’s health by limiting water borne diseases, promoting sanitation messages and building essential facilities like toilets. With over 200 projects in 18 countries we have reached over 10 million people over 10 years.

Having a Water of Life project nearby also means that women and girls, who usually spend a great deal of their time walking to fetch water every day, are free to spend more time at school, or in work. In Ghana, we found that our Water of Life project had reduced the time women spent fetching water by a third and school attendance for girls increased by 90%. You can find out more about the people that Water of Life has helped on the videos below.

Rising to the challenge

This World Water Day we are celebrating the work that has already been done, but we want to do so much more. Water is a shared resource with complex interdependencies between often competing users. This is increasing pressure on companies to build long term resilience to water availability into their businesses and work with others to address a wide range of water-related issues, both locally and globally.

We are committed to rising to the challenge, adopting an integrated strategy to managing our impact on water and help our communities. You can find out more about our total approach to water in our global strategy the Diageo Water Blueprint designed to effect substantial, sustainable and measurable change.

Find out how our Water of Life projects in Kechene and Shiromeda help over 47,000 people.