Guinness Storehouse announces €16 million expansion plan to double the size of iconic gravity bar


Guinness Storehouse Development CGI

The multi award winning Guinness Storehouse has announced details of a €16 million expansion plan which will see the iconic Gravity Bar double in size. With its spectacular unparalleled panoramic 360 degree views, Dublin’s highest bar has proven to be a highlight for the 16.5 million people who have visited the Guinness Storehouse since it opened in 2000.

Upon completion, the expansion will enhance the visitor experience, allowing the Guinness Storehouse to continue to provide a world-class tourism product, providing visitors with an immersive experience and a warm welcome to the ‘Home of Guinness’. Subject to planning permission, it is hoped that construction will commence in 2018 and that the newly enhanced Gravity Bar will welcome visitors by 2019.

The innovative plans involve the creation of a new 360 degree space, which will directly link to the original Gravity Bar forming a unique, spectacular, panoramic space which can hold up to 500 people at any one time, doubling the current capacity. The good news for visitors is that the Guinness Storehouse and existing Gravity Bar will remain open as normal during the construction period.

Guinness Storehouse Development CGI

In addition to the expanded Gravity Bar, the Guinness Storehouse Hub, a new facilities building directly adjacent to the Guinness Storehouse building is also included in the plans. This three storey building will provide additional space for the Guinness Archives- one of the world’s most remarkable archives, chronicling the history of Guinness over a long 257 years-along with retail storage and an employee hub.

Since first opening its doors to the public in 2000, the Guinness Storehouse has made a significant contribution to Ireland’s tourism sector and economy.

Housed in the heart of St. James’s Gate, Dublin, the Guinness Storehouse was born of an ambitious plan to build a brand new ‘Home of Guinness’ through a €42 million redevelopment of a 113-year-old former Guinness fermentation plant. Over the past 16 years, the Guinness Storehouse has continually been enhanced, developing its visitor experience to exceed consumers’ expectations. Recent years have seen the Guinness Storehouse open an exciting new food experience, Guinness and Food, and the Guinness advertising exhibit, the world’s most unique and innovative celebration of Guinness advertising.

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