Guinness Smooth launching across Africa


Guinness Smooth launching across Africa - Guinness it could be argued has a second home in many African markets. The first Guinness Brewery outside of the British Isles was in Lagos, Nigeria nearly 70 years ago and ever since that time the connection and passion for the brand across the continent has grown exponentially.

This passion for the brand has led to numerous campaigns and special African variations – celebrating the African connection and its popularity in warmer climes.

The #madeofmore and #madeofblack message resonates in markets where the quality and heritage of the darker brew appeals to local tastes for a stronger premium drink – which sits above a lager.

So much so that Foreign Extra Stout, the iconic African variant of Guinness, was born. This sits at a stronger ABV and flavour specifically for key African consumers and is brewed locally in Nigeria for the wider region. The brand continues to evolve and more recent developments have included the Chocolate Stout and Triple black variants currently in Cameroun – one of Guinness’ biggest African markets

Now, though, a year ahead of Guinness Nigeria’s 70th birthday and in advance of International Stout Day, we are launching Guinness Smooth. 

“Guinness Smooth is the newest member of the Guinness family and the most significant African variation of the stout in many years. Crucially it brings a lower strength, sweeter, more price accessible Guinness variant for the region.”

John O’Keeffe

Diageo Africa President

Already in Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroun it will be in seven African markets by early 2020.

The most recent launch in Kenya was all about a Guinness Smooth immersion including the Guinness Flavour Rooms sensory experience coupled up with Guinness branded transportation of all forms. 

“Smooth is setting sail for Guinness’ next chapter across our African markets.”

John O’Keeffe

Diageo Africa President