Guinness opens new brand experience in China

The world's first Guinness Gatehouse has opened in the Jing’An district in Shanghai


The Guinness Gatehouse will introduce locals and visitors to Shanghai to the world’s most iconic stout and to a diverse range of Guinness brews. 

With 1000 square meters entirely dedicated to the brand, in heart of the lively district of Jing’An in Shanghai, the Guinness Gatehouse is the first-ever adaptation of the well-known Guinness Storehouse concept, the phenomenally successful “Home of Guinness” in Dublin.

Guinness beer opens new brand experience in China

The new experience includes five different elements:

  • Brewing Vat: a 280º projection showcasing Guinness’s heritage, the art of its brewing and its iconic advertising.
  • Surge & Settle bar: where consumers can enjoy Guinness Draught and a large choice of Guinness beers (Foreign Extra Stout, Citra IPA, Hop House 13) and cocktails as well as the chance to pour their own pint and print a “Stoutie” on the top of their beer.
  • Brewers’ dining room: celebrates the best of Guinness and food pairings including a stunning “Guinness & Oysters bar”.
  • Back bar: a private-dining room to enjoy an ultimate Flavour by Fire experience, surrounded by murals designed by Ken Wong, young talented artist, recently exhibited in the Asian Illustration Festival at the Powerlong Museum of Shanghai.
  • Guinness Shop: will round off the experience inviting visitors to discover a wide range of Guinness products and merchandise and to leave Guinness Gatehouse with iconic Guinness gifts. 

“Guinness Gatehouse is a fantastic concept which offers the people of Shanghai and beyond the opportunity to discover Guinness, to get familiar with its unrivaled taste, its unique heritage and the sense of communion which goes with every Guinness moment. This is an important milestone for the development of Guinness in Asia. With our partner, Loxy Group, we share an ambition to make Guinness Gatehouse one of the most exciting destinations in Shanghai for both locals and visitors.”

Mark Sandys
Mark Sandys

Global Head of Beer for Diageo

The Guinness Gatehouse is located in 1788 International Center, 1818 Nanjing Road West, Jing'An District, 200040 Shanghai. Open 7 days a week, Sunday – Thursday from 10:00 - 00:30 and Friday and Saturday from 10:00 - 02:00.