Guinness leads the way by helping consumers understand what’s in their glass

Guinness has become the first global beer brand to provide Irish consumers with full on-label nutritional information and alcohol content, following a long tradition in design innovation.


New Guinness Can

The new labels provide consumers with nutritional information on contents, including calories, carbohydrates, protein and sugar as well as grams of alcohol per serve and warnings on drink driving and consuming alcohol during pregnancy. The labels will appear on all Guinness cans in the Republic of Ireland.

This is a major expansion of our hugely successful consumer-led initiative, which we first rolled out on Johnnie Walker Red Label last year, and will empower consumers to make informed choices on what they drink.

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Design through the decades

Guinness has always been a pioneering and progressive brand. The first Guinness label was introduced in 1862. featuring Arthur Guinness’ signature, the legendary harp symbol and the Guinness name, elements that are retained to this day. Over the years the design of bottles and cans has changed to adapt to new developments or to mark significant events.  

Guinness has produced bottles and cans to commemorate events such as the Festival of Britain, the Queen’s coronation and the brand’s 200th anniversary. The company has also been at the forefront of packaging innovation and in 1999 introduced the revolutionary rocket widget, which nitrogenates canned Guinness so it retains its smooth and creamy taste.

We have various bottles and cans that demonstrates how the brand has used design to both innovate and celebrate over many years.

Visit the Guinness website for more on the brand’s innovation and history.