Guinness collaborated with Indonesian designers to celebrate Batik as the symbol that binds all Indonesians and shows how ‘Together We Are More’.


Guinness Batik Fridays

In a society with growing polarities in opinions, Guinness brings together two distinctly unique artists, Graffiti Artist Darbotz and Illustrator Yhka Amelz, to salute the collective Indonesian spirit by designing a Batik inspired Limited Edition Pack. The ONE INDONESIA EDITION, developed under the long-standing Guinness platform ‘Together We Are More’, brings together contrasting elements using Batik motifs to demonstrate that opposites can combine to create something more.

Batik is a uniquely Indonesian way of decorating cloth recognized as a masterpiece by UNESCO in 2009. More than this, in a country of 17,000 islands and over 300 languages, Batik is worn across the land and is powerful visual symbol of the Indonesia county motto ‘Unity In Diversity’. For the last two years, Guinness in Indonesia has celebrated national pride with limited edition Batik inspired packs.

“In an increasingly divided society, Batik shines as one of the symbols of the collective Indonesian spirit. This year, we celebrate Batik as the uniform of Indonesian unity and bring together two amazingly talented Indonesian artists to create our third Limited Edition Indonesia Pack.” says Adrienne Gammie, Assistant Chief Representative Officer for Diageo in Indonesia. “The ONE INDONESIA EDITION, available for both Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and Guinness Zero products, is our salute to the common thread that bind all Indonesians and makes them greater, together.”

Guinness one Indonesia edition

The Guinness ONE INDONESIA EDITION designs have been inspired by the principles of “Pancha Mahabhuta” combining opposing elements of Fire (Teja) with Water (Apah) and Earth (Perthiwi) with Air (Bayu) to create a harmonious and united pattern. The designs are an acknowledgement of the common Indonesian Spirit (Sukhsma Sarira) reflected in team work (gotong royong), collective decision making (musyawarah untuk mufakat) and our national motto of Unity in Diversity (Bhineka Tungal Ika). The Batik motif’s corresponding to each element symbolise the deep historical roots of our nation and its steady unity.

 “Bringing together a disparate mix of creative artists to design a harmonious fusion of opposing elements depicted by Batik motifs, is a celebration of the collective spirit of Indonesia that resides in all of us. The inspiration, the elements and the creative interpretation of Batik by each artist in the design, all define what it is to be united in spirit,” explains Adrienne. “The Guinness ONE INDONESIA EDITION designs are our homage to the threads that bind Indonesians as one and makes them greater, together.”

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