Guinness Ghana partners with the DVLA to help train new drivers in drink awareness

DrinkIQ e-learning module to boost drink driving awareness included in Ghanaian driver’s theory test


Guinness Ghana is spear heading a new approach to informing new drivers of the dangers of drinking and driving. Moving beyond traditional awareness campaigns, Guinness Ghana is now partnering with the local Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority to include drink driving training in the national driver’s theory test.
The Diageo DrinkIQ team has developed an e-learning platform that is mobile friendly, is interactive and engaging and can sit on other platforms to help learning around drink driving. The team in Ghana have taken this and created a module for the Ghanaian DVLA which will be incorporated into the local driver’s theory test.
The e-learning module is embedded in the national curriculum for learner drivers and every learner has to pass the test before getting their driving licence.
The e-Learning tool is fully immersive and includes a driving game.

It has four distinct sections

  1. General information and knowledge with country specific information to provide context (in this case on Ghanaian highway law).
  2. The effects of alcohol on the body followed by a game.
  3. What it means to drink responsibly in general terms and in terms of a person about to take the wheel.
  4. A test to finish.

This milestone partnership with the Ghanaian DVLA is a first for Diageo globally and with the e-learning module so easily adaptable for different markets and mobile friendly there is every hope we can establish similar partnerships elsewhere.