Final ten named in race to become the best bartender in the world


After an intense two days of competition at World Class 2017, on Tuesday 22nd August, the final ten have now been chosen. The ten bartenders overcame challenges that tested every single skill that makes a bartender truly great.

Top Ten at World Class group shot

With environmental awareness mattering now more than ever, contestants showed how to make the ultimate green cocktail. With cocktails becoming increasingly popular in the home, contestants were presented with the ingredients of a kitchen larder and asked to create something exceptional.

Stepping out of the kitchen and into the fire, the bartenders then took on the Heat of the Moment challenge, expected to use culinary techniques and local ingredients to create serves which break boundaries of existing cocktail making. It was their technique, charm, personality and knowledge of cocktails and spirits that placed the final ten above the rest.

They now have two remaining days of competition to push themselves that one step further to be in with the chance of being crowned the World Class Bartender of the Year this Thursday 24th August!

Bartender making cocktail World Class

Speaking about the competition so far, Lauren Mote, Diageo’s Global Cocktalian and World Class judge, said: “We’re two days into the biggest and best bartending competition in the world and I’ve already witnessed some of the most incredible cocktail making of my life. Every finalist has stepped up, so it was a tough call deciding on who should make the final ten. However, for me and the other judges, the ten we selected each did something truly exceptional and standout.

“There are two days left of the competition and I’m particularly looking forward to tomorrow’s Lucha Libre challenge – when our final ten enter the ring for the battle of the ‘classics’ in a competition to see who can create the best classic cocktail. We’ll be looking for clever twists and inspired thinking whilst remaining true to the original cocktail creation.”

The Top Ten Finalists include:

    • Denmark - Mate Csatlos (Place of work: Kabuku at Umami)
    • Japan - Suguru Makinaga (Place of work: Bar Leigh Islay)
    • Sweden - Josephine Sondlo (Place of work: Penny and Bill)
    • Mexico - Fatima Del Carmen Leon (Place of work: Fifty Mils)
    • Great Britain - Jamie Jones (Place of work: No Fixed Abode)
    • Canada - Kaitlyn Stewart (Place of work: Royal Dinette)
    • Australia - Andrea Gualdi (Place of work: Maybe Frank)
    • Turkey - Kevin Patnode (Place of work: Kulhanbeyi)
    • USA – Chris Cardone (Place of work: I Sodi)
    • Austria – Marcus Philipp (Place of work: Albertina Passage

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